What High Blood Pressure Can Do to Your Oral Health

Posted on 6/30/2019 by Harry Albers, DDS
What High Blood Pressure Can Do to Your Oral HealthHigh blood pressure is a serious medical condition that no one should ignore. When people think about the complications from high blood pressure, they talk about problems with the heart.

Then they imagine the high blood pressure will result in a heart attack or stroke. This is only one of the problems that high blood pressure can lead to. We want people to know what high blood pressure can do to their oral health.

Treating High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a serious problem. There are many risks associated with having high blood pressure. The most obvious is an increased chance of heart attacks and strokes. The risks of high blood pressure is one of the reasons why it is so important to seek treatment. Treatment can include weight loss, exercise and medications.

Linking High Blood Pressure and Oral Health

Anyone that has been diagnosed with gum disease has heard that it may put them at risk for high blood pressure. They are told to take steps to monitor their blood pressure and may end up taking medications to help treat that.

People that take high blood pressure medications, whether it is due to gum disease or for some other reasons, are not always told of the risks their medications pose to their oral health. One type of medication used to treat high blood pressure is calcium channel blockers. There is a link between these medications and gingivitis and swollen gums. Gingivitis is an early stage of gum disease.

It is important to control your blood pressure. It is also important to maintain good oral health. Because there is some conflict for people who have to take medications for their high blood pressure, monitoring for any oral health issues is important. It can help prevent any problems from getting worse.

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