What to Do When You First Notice a Toothache

Posted on 7/15/2019 by Harry Albers, DDS
What to Do When You First Notice a ToothacheWhen it comes to tooth pain, the sooner you do something about it, the easier it is to manage. Unfortunately, many ignore the first signs of a toothache with the hope that it will go away. Instead of ignoring the early signs of a toothache, it is better to take a few steps. These steps can not only relieve the pain that can come with a toothache, it can also help resolve the issues behind the pain.

What are the Early Signs?
The most common sign of a toothache is pain. The bigger the problem with the tooth, the more pain you usually feel. In the earliest stages of a toothache, you may not have a constant throbbing pain. Instead, you may feel some tooth sensitivity. You may notice the tooth is more sensitive when exposed to heat or cold. You may notice something when air rushes over the tooth.

Some of the other early signs of a problem include redness and tenderness in the area around the tooth. The toothache can also cause you to have a bad taste in your mouth and can cause bad breath. The worse the toothache gets, the more severe the symptoms will get.

Taking Care of the Toothache

In the early stages of a problem with your teeth, you may not need to get to our office right away. You can manage the symptoms until you do get to our office. Some of the ways you can manage the symptoms are through saltwater rinses. These can help clean the mouth and can help with any swelling or minor pain associated with the toothache. You can also turn to over the counter medications to help with pain and swelling.

What you should not do is ignore the toothache. You need to make sure you do come into your office to find the solution to the toothache and to prevent it from getting worse.

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