How to Tell if You Need to Redo a Root Canal

Posted on 3/15/2020 by Harry Albers, DDS
How to Tell if You Need to Redo a Root CanalRoot canals save teeth. However, sometimes you may need to have a root canal redone to prevent problems with infection or pain. A root canal is meant to last a lifetime. However, some procedures do not go as planned and need to be redone. The following information describes how to tell if a tooth may need retreatment.

Why a Root Canal May Fail

Usually, when a root canal fails, it is because a tooth has not healed as expected. When this happens, it can result from one of several reasons. For instance, one of the narrow canals may have not been treated during the first procedure. Also, the canal anatomy may be complex, which may have been detected initially. In some cases, salivary contamination may have affected the inner tooth. Some teeth, which are successfully treated, may experience a new source of decay, which can expose the root canal filling material to a new infection. Also, a loose filling or crown may expose the treated tooth to infection.

What Happens during Retreatment

If a root canal must be redone, the treated tooth will be reopened, and the filling materials will be removed. The tooth is carefully examined for a new infection or additional canals. Any infection is then removed, and the canals cleaned and shaped before new filling materials are placed. A temporary filling seals the opening. Once the tooth finally heals, a new restoration is placed, which is usually a crown.

We can help preserve your teeth for a lifetime. Just give us a call today. When a procedure, such as a root canal, does not go as planned, it usually has to do with healing. Some people heal more readily from the procedure than others. Whatever the reason for the failure, the re-emergence of an infection or dental decay signals a need to re-perform a root canal procedure. We can help you if you have this type of dental problem. Again, learn more about preserving your teeth by scheduling a consultation today.
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