Digital Radiography

Digital xray at Harry Albers DDS It is recommended going to the dentist every six months for a checkup. Many of us have been doing this for so long we have come to expect a certain routine, from the moment we enter the waiting room to when we are leaving with our brand-new toothbrush. Before the hygienist cleans our teeth, though, they will want to take x-rays of the mouth. This can leave some people feeling anxious regarding what they are being exposed to or maybe they just have questions in general about what is going on when the heavy lead vest comes out.

Fortunately, x-rays are an excellent means of deciphering what is going on inside your mouth and with the invention of digital radiography, Harry Albers DDS can subject you to least amount of radiation necessary to get a clear idea of how to help best with your oral care.

What About Radiation?

X-rays are given to all first-time patients, and it is suggested that every two to three years, they should be repeated to stay on top of your dental health. Digital x-rays expose you to 75% less radiation than with traditional measures and are highly beneficial to the evaluation of your needs.

Many people are resistant to any possible damage during the short process and infrequency of necessity, so especially with the lead apron, the minimal exposure for you makes the x-ray that much safer. Besides being able to set your mind at ease, there are other qualities that help make your experience with digital radiography useful now and for future visits.

Understanding the Convenience of Digital Radiography

With digital radiography, the images are available instantly. You and your dentist can sit comfortably and discuss what you see to decide which course of action is optimal regarding your care within moments of having the x-rays done. We are granted the ability to transmit these images electronically to consultants and insurance companies to allow for the transition without worrying about mailing or carrying around bulky files.

Because there is less paperwork, it is environmentally friendly and allows for ease of transport to any location either through a computer or even a small hand-held USB drive. Since everything is readily accessible, there is a less likelihood of misplacing charts and allows us to call up your information with just a few strokes of the keyboard for when you need treatment immediately.

With picture enhancement programs, we can isolate potential issues to make reading the x-rays simple for your convenience. We can enlarge any trouble areas and present crisp imagery so you can ask questions easily regarding any aspect that may concern you. We can use the pictures to detect any tooth decay, to make sure your bite is aligned properly, to check for any possible periodontal disease or infections, and to ensure your root integrity is healthy. Because of this access, we can begin helping any dental issues you may have from the moment we take the x-rays, which means less time waiting for results and answers.

If you have any questions, or there is anything we can do to help make the experience more comfortable for you, do not hesitate to call Harry Albers DDS at (707) 575-1190 to discuss any concerns you may have or set up an appointment to address how digital radiography can benefit you!

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