Multiple Tooth Implants

Why Not Dentures To Replace My Teeth

Missing teeth is a common phenomenon in American and affects as many, if not more than 120 million people. Due to the easily accessible regiment of sweets and snacks available for nearly every occasion combined with poor dental hygiene routines, it is becoming standard for many to expose oral gaps every time they open their mouths.

Besides causing embarrassment and lowering self-esteem, missing teeth can cause the teeth surrounding it to crowd together, opening the door to allow for future dental issues with the jaw bone. Smiling is as natural as breathing, which is why here at Harry Albers DDS we want to make certain your grin is something you feel like you can proudly show.

How All on 4 Dental Implants Can Help You

For many people, loss of multiple teeth leaves very few options for restoring their smile. Few are comfortable with the inconvenience of resorting to dentures, partials, or bridges, which can slip or slide around, in addition to having to be removed for cleaning. Nothing feels as good as having your own set of teeth, in your mouth, without worrying about ever having to be seen without them. It is a relief to know that with All on 4, your implants are permanent, which means never having to take them out.

All on four dental implants, you can get a complete set without actually having to have posts surgically inserted into your jaw for every single missing tooth. We instead use only four anchors into the top and bottom of your bone. If you still have teeth, we can remove all of these under anesthesia to prevent any discomfort to you and allow for ample room for the insertion of titanium rods which will hold the frame in place. In time, the posts will fuse to the bone, which will help make it that much stronger. Unlike other implants, the All on four can have you with a brand-new dental prosthesis in just one day!

Is All on 4 Right for You?

If having a set of teeth that look and feel as natural as the real thing is important, then this option may be just right for you. It does not require bone graft surgery as regular implants do, and you do not have to wait for your mouth to heal before showing off your wonderful smile! For many people who are interested in this process, there are a few changes they will have to make to ensure their new implants last as long as possible. Smokers will have to quit before the treatment can begin, and those who enjoy exercise daily will be asked to give themselves some time to recover before continuing their workout routine.

While there will be a few temporary side effects during the healing process, such as bruising around the gum line, an achy throat, or chapped lips, but using salt rinse a few times a day can help alleviate the symptoms as well as using a good lip balm to keep your lips moist. Be mindful of any signs of infection or an excess of bleeding from where the implants were placed. Keep in mind, though, successful implantation occurs ninety-nine percent of the time and very rarely are there any complications.

If you are interested in more information regarding All on 4 or have any questions about whether or not this process may be exactly what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to call our office here at Harry Albers DDS at (707) 575-1190 to schedule an appointment. We are happy to help discover if Dental Implants are right for you!

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