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We live in a time where technological advances are being made every day. In the field of dentistry, technological advancements have vastly improved how we provide treatment, improving the outcomes of your procedures and improving the patient experience. At Harry Albers DDS, we use many of the latest dental tools and technologies in our Santa Rosa dental office, including laser dentistry.

What Is Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry is a dental treatment that involves the use of a laser to perform dental procedures. A dental laser is a handheld tool that uses a very thin, concentrated beam of light that can perform several different tasks. The wavelength of the laser can be adjusted based on what the tool is needed for. In many situations, it provides a modern alternative to a traditional scalpel. Dental lasers can be used to treat soft tissue, bone, and teeth.

Uses For A Dental Laser

A dental laser can be used to perform an array of different tasks. Uses include:

  • Soft tissue biopsies. The laser can remove a portion of an abnormality on your intraoral tissues.
  • Gum recontouring. The laser can remove excess gum tissue to improve the appearance of your gum line and the quality of your smile.
  • Oral surgery. Lasers can replace traditional scalpels in many surgical procedures.
  • Gum disease treatment. The laser can disinfect periodontal pockets, remove diseased gum tissue, seal periodontal pockets, and stimulate the growth of new tissue.
  • Root canal therapy. The laser can disinfect the interior of a tooth during a root canal.
  • Treating cavities by removing decay and preparing the cavity for a filling.
  • Teeth whitening. A laser can help to enhance the results of professional whitening treatments.

Benefits Of Laser Dentistry

There are numerous benefits associated with laser dentistry. Thanks to the incredible accuracy of the laser, we can more accurately target the tissue requiring treatment. As a result, we remove only the necessary tissue, leaving the healthy tissue intact. The accuracy of the laser helps to reduce tissue trauma. With less trauma, there is less pain and swelling following treatment. Reduced pain and swelling can lead to reduced recovery times.

Additionally, the laser also reduces bleeding. As the laser cuts tissue, it cauterizes blood vessels. As a result, you do not bleed as much during, and after your dental treatments.

Another significant benefit of laser dentistry is the benefit it has for those who suffer dental anxiety or who have fears when it comes to dental treatment. Because the laser reduces bleeding and results in reduced pain and swelling, patients may feel more comfortable getting the care they need. When you feel more comfortable, the experience of dental care is much more pleasant.

How Safe Is Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry is very safe. It is important to keep in mind that, just like with any other type of dental treatment, there are still a few risks to keep in mind. We take care to reduce the likelihood of these risks. First, the laser can cause eye damage. To avoid this risk, you are provided with specialized glasses to wear during treatment. The laser can also cause permanent damage in the event the wrong wavelength is used. We are highly trained and experienced using this incredible technology, helping to ensure your safety while you get the care you need.

Thanks to laser dentistry, and other advances in dental tools and technologies, we can provide you with the best possible care to ensure optimal oral health. Call Harry Albers DDS today at (707) 575-1190 for more information.

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