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For many of us, we do not need an excuse to smile regardless of the integrity of our teeth. From a gorgeous sunrise to a humbling sunset, watching our beloved children or pets explore the world around them, or just catching a glimpse of the love of our life grinning at us, there are thousands of reasons to be happy enough to expose our merriment.

Unfortunately for some, the loss of teeth due to age, accident, or poor oral care, prevents them from enjoying everything life has to offer due to possible embarrassment once the lips pull back to reveal their teeth. Here at Harry Albers DDS we want you to feel confident enough to laugh at anything that tickles your fancy without the concern of how your smile may appear.

Is There A Way To Replace Missing Teeth?

If you are missing several teeth, it is possible that your self-esteem has taken a pretty serious hit, and it is hard for you to get out and do the things you used to love to do. With single tooth implants, we can fill in the gaps with fully functional replacements and create the appearance of natural looking teeth.

Not only are implants better than other alternative options, but they can also protect the bones of your mouth and even help prevent any future tooth loss. As teeth fall out, they can cause issues with the surrounding teeth that try to crowd into the gap left behind. This may allow more teeth to fall out and is a completely unnecessary reaction. We want to stop that from happening!

There are two types of implants used primarily: endosteal and subperiosteal. The type that usually comes to mind when thinking of implants is the endosteal, which is implanted by inserting a post into your jaw where the hole is. Created with titanium and incredibly strong, the bone of your jaw fuses to the metal and becomes permanent. Once we know your body will not reject the post, then we can attach the porcelain crown which looks exactly like your tooth!

If for some reason your mouth is unable to handle endosteal, then there is the option of subperiosteal implants. Its primary difference is that we apply a metal framework instead of a post. The frame has posts itself which then secures the crown just as it would with endosteal. Creating a framework also allows for creating bridges for those who are missing multiple teeth and do not have support from natural teeth.

Dental Implants can serve as surrogate supports and help rebuild entire arches with dentures placed directly onto the posts, creating a stronger alternative to bridges or partials. Taken care of properly, dental implants are ninety-nine percent successful and can last you for the rest of your life!

Are Tooth Implants Right For Me?

We are happy to discuss the procedure with you during your visit and will carefully explain the process, so you are comfortable with the information. It is rare, but sometimes, a patient will require bone graft surgery before the implant, but we will let you know if this is necessary for you before we begin. You will also need to abstain from using tobacco products as they can prolong healing. We will go over any medications you take and possible conditions that may hinder the treatment from making sure this procedure not only is optimal for you but also so there is nothing to prevent you from receiving the best dental care we can provide.

Many of us remember someone who had a poorly created set of dentures. Perhaps you want something that looks natural and grants you a smile makes you look as good as you feel. Regardless of the reasons you may have for wanting to get an implant, we here at Harry Albers DDS are more than willing to go above and beyond to ensure you have a smile you are proud to share! Call us at (707) 575-1190, and we can help you set up an appointment today!

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